Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Sweet Treats From Peeps

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Sweet Treats From PeepsRecipes for Sweetheart Lollipops and other Valentine’s Day idea are available at the Peeps website

Just Born’s candy brands have sweet ideas for Valentine’s Day. To make the gorgeous Valentine’s Bouquet or scrumptious chocolate covered Sweetheart Lollipop treats, fans can use the Peeps Decorating Kit, Peeps Vanilla or Strawberry Flavored Creme Hearts, and Pink Hearts.

Also delicious to eat and create with are Mike and Ike and Hot Tamales candy cards. 

Joe Villiano, Just Born Brand Manager, commented, “Valentine’s Day is one of the largest candy giving holidays and we know that our 65,000 Peeps Fan Club members love to create unique personalized gifts. The Valentine’s Bouquet and chocolate covered Sweetheart Lollipop treats are just two of ideas that are available at http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com“.

Peeps Marshmallow HeartsThe Peeps Valentine’s Day Decorating Kit is sure to entice fans who want to decorate and personalize their Peeps. The Peeps Decorating Kit comes with a 4-pack of pink Peeps marshmallow Hearts, 1 tube of either red or white Cake Mate decorating gel, and on-pack decorating ideas.

Other Valentine’s Peeps include the two-count Pink Hearts, Vanilla Flavored Creme Hearts, and Strawberry Flavored Creme Hearts. The Pink Peeps Hearts have a “to-from” space on the packaging making them ideal for classroom handouts.

The Hot Tamales candy card reflects the sizzling goodness of America’s favorite cinnamon-charged candy. The Hot Tamales candy card packaging graphics illustrates its hot taste with a searing fireball and spicy Hot Tamales logo. The fiery cover reads, “You’re my favorite flavor” inscribed in a heart. The inside reveals a hot & spicy illustration and offers a “to-from” section in a heart.

The Mike and Ike candy card competes for the heart, offering fruity strawberry, cherry, lemon, orange, and lime flavors. The Mike and Ike Valentine’s Day bright pink candy card graphics highlight Mike and Ike candy pieces mixed with vibrant pink hearts and a green bow. Inside the card is an adorable “to-from” heart.

PeepsJust Born, Inc., a privately owned company founded in 1923 and located in Bethlehem, PA, also manufactures Peanut Chews candies and Teenee Beanee Jelly Beans. The company employs over 600 associates and markets its candy in over 50 countries. Visit their website at http://www.marshmallowpeeps.com

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