Ancient Mayan Prophecy Prompts Butterfinger to Seek One Last Worthy Candy Bar Spokesperson for the End of Time

Jaime Pressly & ButterfingerAs BARmageddon Draws Near, Actress Jaime Pressly to Lead Last Spokesperson Search at Comic-Con Int’l, FREE Special Edition Butterfinger BARmageddon Bar for Fans

With less than 200 days remaining until the end of the world, BUTTERFINGER today announced its search for one last spokesperson. Taking the beloved brand into the end of time, the winning pitchperson for the world’s favorite crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery candy bar will become Butterfinger’s last spokesperson until December 21, 2012, when the world will end, according to the ancient Mayan Prophecy. 

According to Butterfinger, signs of a complete BARmageddon began earlier this year when strange events took place nationwide, all related to the disappearance of Butterfinger bars. To help warn the world about BARmageddon, Emmy award-winning actress Jaime Pressly is signed on to help Butterfinger launch a nationwide search for its last spokesperson. Pressly, a longtime Butterfinger fan, is scheduled to attend Comic-Con on Friday, July 13, and will help identify talented candidates for the life-changing (and earth-shattering), one-of-a-kind role.

“While nobody’s gonna lay a finger on my Butterfinger, I will lay a finger on the last spokesperson worthy enough to represent my favorite candy bar,” said Pressly. “I love the notion of BARmageddon because we’ve all been hearing about the Mayan prophecy, but Butterfinger is spinning it on its head. If the world’s gonna end, you’d better believe Butterfinger is going out with a bang.”

The “Last Spokesperson on Earth” for Butterfinger campaign officially will begin July 13, at the world’s largest comic book convention, where sightings of aliens and strange beings have been widely reported. To kick off the “Last Spokesperson” search, Butterfinger will be giving away a special edition Butterfinger BARmageddon candy bar, while supplies last, to convention attendees. While there, Pressly will play a principal role in the spokesperson search, as Butterfinger also launches an online video campaign that day at starring Pressly, who will be judging (and possibly even hand-picking) candidates for the “Last Spokesperson on Earth.” Pressly, best known for her award-winning work on the television comedy “My Name is Earl,” for which she also received Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, recently appeared in the FOX comedies “Raising Hope” and “I Hate My Teenage Daughter.” Her comedic skills will be fully utilized in the Butterfinger BARmageddon campaign, which will feature Pressly in a series of online videos, conducting the search for Butterfinger’s “Last Spokesperson on Earth.”

“Our search for the last spokesperson comes on the heels of Butterfinger’s BARmageddon News Network (BBNN) nationwide van tour,” said Tricia Bowles, of Nestlé USA Confections & Snacks. “The BBNN has been on the road since May, and it has found some pretty compelling evidence out there indicating a true BARmageddon, including a bizarre crop circle in Kansas, and eyewitness accounts of the disappearance of Butterfinger bars in cities throughout the U.S.”

Rare findings from the BBNN van tour, including comprehensive end-of-the-world evidence gathered from around the country, also will be released on July 13. BBNN van tour videos may be viewed online at

How to Enter the Butterfinger BARmageddon “Last Spokesperson” Search

Fans who think they have what it takes to be Butterfinger’s “Last Spokesperson on Earth” may upload a video to simply explaining why they’d make the best, last spokesperson for Butterfinger. The winner will be featured in an online video campaign until the world ends on December 21, 2012, making them Butterfinger’s “last” spokesperson. (And the winner will be able to enjoy their grand prize—a trip to fabulous Las Vegas and $15,000 in prize money—if the world doesn’t end.)

More information and full contest rules may be found at

Butterfinger Butterfinger is a one-of-a-kind candy bar with the crispety-crunchety, peanut-buttery taste people love. No other candy bar comes close to the intense flavor and texture of a Butterfinger. Keep up with the latest news about Butterfinger at or follow its sweet tweets at

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