Vienna Beef Makes World’s Longest Hot Dog: 16 Feet, 1 Inch

Vienna Beef Makes World's Longest Hot Dog: 16 Feet, 1 InchAmericans Will Consume Over 7 Billion Hot Dogs This Summer

To celebrate National Hot Dog Month and the Fourth of July, the Chicago-based Vienna Beef assembled the world’s longest hot dog, measuring 16 feet, 1 inch and topping the previous record of 15 feet, 3 inches recorded in Pennsylvania in 2001. The giant feat took place near Buckingham Fountain during the annual Taste of Chicago food festival. 

The Chicago-style hot dog recipe is famous all over the world. It starts with a Vienna all-beef hot dog, which is made only in Chicago, steamed and served on a poppy-seed bun, also made in Chicago. Hot dog experts refer to the condiment process as “dragging it through the garden,” starting with yellow mustard, bright green relish, fresh chopped white onion, two tomato wedges, a kosher pickle spear, two sport peppers and finishing with a dash of celery salt.

“July is National Hot Dog month and what better way to celebrate than to deliver to Chicago the world’s longest hot dog during the Taste of Chicago,” said Tom McGlade, executive vice president of Vienna Beef. Vienna Beef is the official hot dog of the Taste.

Americans will enjoy 150 million hot dogs on July 4th alone and consume more than 2 billion hot dogs during the rest of the month for a summer total of 7 billion. Chicago is home to some 1,800 hot dog stands serving Vienna Beef — totaling more than the top five major fast food chain outlets in Chicago combined.

Hot Dog HistoryThe Chicago-style hot dog dates back to 1893 when two young immigrants brought their frankfurter recipe from Austria-Hungary to Chicago’s at its World’s Fair/Columbian Exposition. The newfangled hot dog sandwich quickly became Chicago’s favorite treat. It wasn’t long before the entire country discovered Vienna.

Assembling the world’s longest hot dog, which weighed eight pounds, required:  7 assemblers  15 and 1/2-foot, 4-pound bun made by the Alpha-Baking Company  1 quart of mustard  1 pound of bright green relish  36 tomato slices  1 pound of onions  36 Vienna Kosher pickle spears  48 sport peppers  a whole lot of celery salt.

Vienna Beef donated the equivalent amount of food that made the world’s longest hot dog to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, a not-for-profit food distribution center feeding hungry people in Cook County.

Vienna Beef is a family-run business that began operations in 1893 in Chicago. The Chicago-style hot dog hasn’t changed and neither has Vienna Beef’s commitment to quality. Vienna Beef means goodness throughout, from the 100% domestic beef and sweet brisket trimmings to the high-tech processing and old-world hickory smoking, all prepared in the company’s USDA Establishment #1 approved facility. Vienna Beef hot dogs are sold at hot dog stands and restaurants; ballparks; zoos; and country clubs, as well as grocery, warehouse clubs and convenience stores. Customers know the “V” means pure Chicago flavor, without a single unnatural additive or undeserved compliment. Visit the company’s website at .

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