New Invention Makes Pizzas Talk

New Invention Makes Pizzas TalkAdvertising pizza is nothing new. Creating a pizza that advertises, however, is a different story.

New York-based Gourmet Impression has developed two new hand-held tools that allow restaurants, caterers, and other food businesses to turn pizzas, calzones, and other food items into edible experiences and advertisements. 

Using modular devices called the “Roller” and the “Stamper”, companies can emboss their logo or advertising messages on food items. Initial prototypes are designed for pizzas, calzones, bread sticks, cheeses, melons, white bread, pita breads, brownies, pies, butter sticks as well as baked potatoes.

The Stamper tool works like a rubber stamp. By pressing, it easily and quickly embosses a text message or an image into a food item. Everything from personalized ‘Happy Birthday’ messages to advertisements and company logos can be embossed within seconds. The Roller device features a wheel that is 6″ in diameter and 3/4″ wide, with a fender for gripping. Rolling the tool across many foods, including a pizza or around the crust imprints a customized message.

Using the Roller, Gourmet Impression envisions the creation of varying shaped crackers and breadsticks they call “Pizzals” (pronounced Peet-sul). The “Pizzals” would carry messages or advertisements and could be dipped in marinara, tomato sauces, or salsas, by customers.

The products are a great way for a company to add value to their food product – they can reinforce a restaurant’s brand or advertise additional products and services in an attention grabbing way. In addition, new movie releases can now pay to advertise on food products (e.g. “Jurassic Park Pizza from Pizza House”, etc.).

Gourmet ImpressionThe company is interested in licensing these tools for use in fast food chains, restaurants, catering operations, home usages, and children’s baking toys. Product design and development is by exo Design, an award-winning firm located in Pleasanton, CA. For more information and product images visit the website at

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