New McDonald’s Happy Meal: ‘Brother Bear’

New McDonald's Happy Meal: 'Brother Bear'Happy Meal Features Characters From Walt Disney Pictures’ Brother Bear

The newest McDonald’s Happy Meal will feature eight fun-loving, action adventure toys from Walt Disney Pictures’ animated tale, Brother Bear.

The eight Brother Bear characters feature a variety of interactive functions such as figures that transform from human to animal, light up, jump, and spin for hours of Happy Meal fun. The loveable Happy Meal toys include Kenai Bear Transformer, Koda Top, Denahi Wolf Transformer, Koda Geyser, Rutt with Spring Legs, Tuke Bobble Head, Sitka Eagle Transformer, and Kenai Light-up & Projector. 

“McDonald’s is delighted to partner with Walt Disney Pictures on Brother Bear, and to be able to bring these new loveable characters to life for our customers,” said Karlin Linhardt, senior director kids and family marketing.

The powerful and playful bond between brothers, and man’s bond with nature, are explored with great drama and comedy in Walt Disney Pictures’ exciting new animated tale of brotherhood, bears and breathtaking outdoor adventure. Driven by six great new songs from Academy Award winner Phil Collins (including a sensational performance by legendary singer Tina Turner on the Collins-composed tune, “Great Spirits”), the film follows the incredible adventures of a young man named Kenai who is transformed into a bear. From his new perspective, Kenai discovers the world through the eyes of another as he is befriended by a bear cub named Koda, has a hilarious encounter with a pair of misguided moose, and finds himself pursued by his own sibling.

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