WonkaZoid SweeTarts Oompa Candy Flip Game

WonkaZoid SweeTarts Oompa Candy Flip GameWilly Wonka Breaks New Ground With His Most Outrageous Invention Ever

While the world waits, Willy Wonka creates! Willy Wonka unveils WonkaZoid, the ultimate combination of the two things tweens love most, candy and video games. The portable, affordable, colorful gadget keeps tweens entertained anytime, anywhere.

WonkaZoid is a hand-held, refillable candy dispenser with a fun, one-of-a-kind video game that features Wonka-rific characters. Each WonkaZoid comes with a full pack of Wonka candy. The introductory series of WonkaZoid includes four varieties to collect and play: Grape Strawberry Nerds comes with the Nerds Hockey game, starring the Oompa Loompas; new Sour Nerds is partnered with the Nerds Freeze Tag game; SweeTarts is teamed up with the SweeTarts Oompa Candy Flip game; and SweeTarts Shockers is tied to the ever-challenging SweeTarts Shockers Shockball Showdown game. 

“Only the most original, innovative products come from the wacky world of Wonka,” said Tricia Bowles, Manager, Public Relations, Nestle Confections & Snacks. “Marrying popular WONKA candy brands with video gaming represents the next level of imagination. It’s the kind of ‘gotta-have-it’ fun that could only come from Wonka.”

This holiday launch is the first of what will be an ongoing line of collectible WonkaZoid dispensers, available year-round, in shocking colors and interesting shapes. “Each series will feature a number of new and different WonkaZoid dispensers equipped with Wonka-exclusive video games,” said Bowles. “This is just a glimpse of what’s to come.”

Beginning mid-November 2006, all four varieties of WonkaZoid will be available for a suggested retail price of $4.99 – $6.99 at retailers nationwide and on Amazon.com.

WonkaZoidThe Willy Wonka Candy Factory company opened its doors in 1983. Since that time, Wonka has been dedicated to the art of producing fun, innovative, high-quality candies for kids of all ages. WONKA manufactures such well-known favorites as: NERDS, NERDS Rope, SWEETARTS, SWEETARTS Squeez, LAFFY TAFFY, SWEETARTS Shockers, RUNTS, EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPERS, LIK-M-AID FUN DIP, PIXY STIX, BOTTLE CAPS, TART ‘N TINYS and the WONKA Bar. For more information, visit their website at http://www.wonka.com

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