Dr Pepper/Seven Up’s New Raging Cows Think ‘Outside of The Barn’

Dr Pepper/Seven Up's New Raging Cows Think  'Outside of The Barn'Milk With ‘Attitude,’ Tantalizing Flavors, Spirited Mascot, Help Expand Company’s Beverage Portfolio

Cheered by a rowdy mascot, Dr Pepper/Seven Up executives today announced the creation of Raging Cow, a new milk-based product served cold in single servings, with an array of five alluring flavors. Packaged in plastic bottles, Raging Cow will appear in selected markets beginning in early March, eventually expanding to national distribution.

“Raging Cow is a very different way of looking at flavored dairy drinks,” stated Dr Pepper/Seven Up President and Chief Operating Officer Mike McGrath. “This product does not have a herd mentality and therefore is unlike any other milk-based product on the market. We describe it as a milk-based drink ‘gone wild’ because there are outrageous, intriguing and delicious flavor combinations. Raging Cow also creates a new opportunity in our portfolio of offerings.”

Consumer testing confirmed for Dr Pepper/Seven Up that people want new, exciting dairy drink products. “With flavors such as Pina Colada Chaos, Jamocha Frenzy, Berry Mixed Up, Chocolate Caramel Craze and Chocolate Insanity, Raging Cow has something for everyone,” McGrath concluded. 

“The consumer research we conducted helped us identify young adults as the primary audience for Raging Cow, although anyone who likes milk is likely to embrace this product,” explained Andrew Springate, Dr Pepper/Seven Up director of brand marketing. “Having escaped from a dairy where milk was the only option, Raging Cow’s unpredictable and mischievous mascot symbolizes the independence and enthusiasm of the brand’s target consumers. We wanted a representative that would reflect the adventurous spirit in people, a creature with a flair for making a point. We found a perfect bovine, and she is ‘udderly’ overjoyed to be promoting Raging Cow until the cows come home,” declared Springate. “Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon how you view it, her only utterance is an occasional ‘primal moo,’ which is tantamount to a bovine scream.”Dr. Pepper / 7 Up

Raging Cow is a brand of Plano, Texas-based Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., which is the largest division of London-based beverage and confectionery firm Cadbury Schweppes plc (NYSE:CSG) . Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. is the largest producer of non-cola soft drinks in North America, with about 16 percent of the carbonated soft drink market. In addition to Dr Pepper and 7 UP, the company’s other leading brands include A&W Root Beer, Canada Dry, Sunkist, Hawaiian Punch, Squirt and Schweppes, as well as the RC Cola and Slush Puppie brands. For more information about Dr Pepper/Seven Up and its brands visit www.dpsu.com

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