Haagen-Dazs Introduces Desserts Extraordinaire

Haagen-Dazs Introduces Desserts ExtraordinaireHaagen-Dazs, continuing a longtime tradition of excellence, has unveiled Desserts Extraordinaire and Tres Leches ice creams

Desserts Extraordinaire is a mouth-watering line of seven ice cream flavors inspired by the world’s indulgent desserts. Tres Leches is an Hispanic-inspired flavor and the latest addition to Haagen-Dazs’ popular Latin line of ice cream. 

Desserts Extraordinaire is a line of seven ice cream flavors that create the ultimate ice cream experience. Each selection is made with super premium quality ingredients and captures the essence of the dessert it represents. The tantalizing flavors include:

  • Bananas Foster – smooth banana ice cream enhanced with a hint of brown sugar and rum,
  • Creme Brulee – silky custard ice cream with a swirl of caramelized sugar
  • Chocolate Mousse – the richest chocolate ice cream, fluffy and smooth
  • French Vanilla Mousse – soft and silky French vanilla ice cream
  • Strawberry Cheesecake – cheesecake ice cream with a sweet blend of strawberries and crunchy graham crust
  • Chocolate Raspberry Torte – rich chocolate ice cream with a tart raspberry swirl and moist pieces of chocolate cake
  • Cafe Mocha Frappe – creamy chocolate ice cream swirled with coffee.

These seven, creamy dessert flavors are being introduced alongside Tres Leches ice cream. Based on the Latin American classic Tres Leches cake, Haagen-Dazs has converted the complex flavors and textures of this dessert into a creamy, super-premium ice cream. Bits of sponge cake with a hint of rum flavor are combined into rich milk and cream ice cream, then swirled with a delicate ribbon of caramel and a touch of coconut.

“Desserts are one of life’s little pleasures,” said Colette Roychoudury, Haagen-Dazs marketing manager. “Despite the calorie-counting and diet controversy saturating the news, ice cream will always occupy a special place in our lives.”

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