Blast From the Past Returns as Hardee’s Reintroduces the Classic Big Twin Hamburger

Hardee's Reintroduces the Classic Big Twin HamburgerAfter a 20 year absence, the Hardee’s Big Twin is reintroduced onto menus today, at a price point of 2-for-$3

Long before Hardee’s upgraded its burger line-up to showcase 1/3-, 1/2- and 2/3-pound, 100 percent Angus beef Thickburgers, the chain sold a popular, relatively little burger known as The Big Twin, so-named for the two beef patties it offered. So, when the Hardee’s menu development team began looking for a new, mid-size burger to accompany its bigger, premium Thickburgers, they went “back to the future” to find the best candidate: The Big Twin returns to the Hardee’s menu for a limited time starting today. 

The Big Twin — essentially a double cheeseburger with lettuce and Thousand Island dressing-style “Big Twin Sauce” — may not stack up to Hardee’s Thickburgers in size, but it is big on taste.

“From the earliest ‘double-decker’ burgers like the Big Boy, Americans have been drawn to the wonderful taste you get by combining the flavors of a double cheeseburger with Thousand Island dressing,” said Brad Haley, Hardee’s executive vice president of marketing. “Hardee’s had great success more than 20 years ago with its own take on such a burger, The Big Twin, so we’re bringing it back for a limited time and at an attractive price of 2-for-$3. Guys looking for a great burger at a great bargain need look no further.”

The Big Twin features two charbroiled patties that add up to a 1/4-pound of beef, and is topped with Hardee’s special Big Twin Sauce, American cheese and shredded lettuce. The new Big Twin will be sold at participating Hardee’s restaurants at an enticing 2-for-$3 price point, or for $1.79 by itself. Pricing and participation may vary.

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