About Us

Junk Food News is a collection of news items and press releases distributed by the major companies in the fast food industry.  Our site is a virtual museum of fast food news that we’ve been compiling for nearly a decade.

Fast food companies promote their products use contests, celebrities, special offers, free samples, world records, publicity stunts, and of course, mouthwatering photos.

On June 29, 2012 we converted our old site to a new WordPress format that makes it much easier to find the news you’re looking for.

Our criteria is simple; we only select fast food stories accompanied by great photos!  The food industry has some of the most creative marketing people and photographers in the world, so read the stories, check out the photos, and then go out and buy some burgers, fried chicken and pizza!

Please note that the special offers you read about here are probably “expired” since many are several years old.  We continue to display them as examples of advertising and promotional techniques that have been used by the fast food industry over the years.

 – Bryan Eggers, Editor