Red Robin’s New Burger Provides Winter Getaway with a Taste of Paradise

Red Robin's Tropical Sunburn Tavern Style Burger

Red Robin’s Tropical Sunburn Tavern Style Burger

Gourmet Burger Expert Spreads Holiday Cheer with New Menu and Bonus Bucks

As temperatures drop, Red Robin’s newest burger style promises to bring the heat — and a little bite of paradise — to guests this holiday season. From now through Dec. 30, Red Robin is offering the Tropical Sunburn Tavern Style, an exciting new burger sure to warm up guests with an exotic combination of jalapenos, grilled pineapple, crunchy mango slaw and cilantro lime mayo.  Read more...

Baskin-Robbins Scores Big with Classic Gold Medal Ribbon as its August Flavor Of The Month

Baskin-Robbins Scores Big with Classic Gold Medal Ribbon as its August Flavor Of The MonthAugust Flavor of the Month is Sure to Make the Crowds Go Wild in a Cup, Cone, Milkshake or Ice Cream Cake

Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, invites ice cream lovers across America to go sprint to their nearest Baskin-Robbins store to taste its August Flavor of the Month, Gold Medal Ribbon. A classic Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor, Gold Medal Ribbon receives top marks for its combination of vanilla flavored and chocolate ice creams swirled together with a caramel ribbon.  Read more...

Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins Introduce OREO Inspired Treats to Celebrate Cookie’s 100th Birthday

Oreo Donut with Oreo CoolattasThere’s a new way the cookie crumbles for OREO cookie fans at Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins this summer

To help OREO celebrate its 100th birthday, Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods, and Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, have introduced a sweet collection of OREO inspired treats.  Read more...

Big Train Announces New Summer Drink Mixes

Root BeerBig Train, a worldwide leading manufacturer and distributor of gourmet beverage mixes announced two new blended crème frappe drink mixes as part of its summer drink options.

Big Train is expanding the industry’s largest line of specialty gourmet beverage mixes with two more refreshing flavors just in time for the warm summer sun! New York Cheesecake Blended Creme frappe mix and Root Beer Float Blended Crème frappe mix are destined to be summer favorites on any menu.

New York Cheesecake Blended Crème Frappe Mix 

Pork. It’s What’s for Breakfast

Hardee’s Introduces a New Breakfast Classic: The Pork Chop ‘N’ Gravy BiscuitHardee’s Introduces a New Breakfast Classic: The Pork Chop ‘N’ Gravy Biscuit

Following the success of its recent Chicken Fillet Biscuit promotion, this week Hardee’s introduces another nod to Southern cuisine – the Pork Chop ‘N’ Gravy Biscuit. Featuring a breaded, boneless pork chop and sausage gravy on one of the chain’s signature Made From Scratch Biscuits, the new menu item is sure to stick to the ribs of even the hungriest breakfast customer.  Read more...

Wendy’s Launches Hand-Spun Frosty Shakes

Wendy's Launches Hand-Spun Frosty ShakesThree flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry

After almost 39 years, Wendy’s is shaking up the Frosty.

Wendy’s announced today that it’s introducing a new line of hand-spun Frosty Shakes in three flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Fudge, and, yes, Strawberry — a Company first.

The rich and creamy Frosty Shakes, topped with whipped cream and a cherry, are served with a straw. The traditional Frosty is thicker so it has to be eaten with a spoon.

In 1969, when Dave Thomas opened his first Wendy’s in Columbus, Ohio, the Frosty was one of five original items on the menu.

One of the most familiar and enduring items on Wendy’s menu, the Frosty only came in one flavor — Chocolate — until 2006, when Vanilla was added. Since then, the Company has introduced Frosty Floats and Twisted Frostys with candy or cookie toppings mixed in.  Read more...

Pepsi-Cola Global Brand Restyle

Pepsi-Cola Global Brand RestylePepsi is launching a global brand restyle including new package graphics for Pepsi-Cola

Beginning in February, Pepsi-Cola will reach out to consumers in a different way than ever before.  Read more...

Pepsi-Cola North America to Launch Diet Pepsi MAX

Pepsi-Cola North America to Launch Diet Pepsi MAXNew Invigorating Zero-Calorie Cola Hits Shelves This Summer

Pepsi-Cola North America announced plans to launch Diet Pepsi MAX, an invigorating zero-calorie cola with extra caffeine and a touch of ginseng. This formulation is specially designed for adults to get them through the day. The product, which received high scores in consumer testing, hits stores nationwide in June.

Diet Pepsi MAXDiet Pepsi MAX is for 25-34 year-old diet drinkers, as well as transitioners — those making the switch from regular colas to diets. Nearly 80% of adult consumers say that maintaining energy is a top priority and nearly 60% find that there’s not enough time in the day to do the things they need to do. Diet Pepsi MAX serves up the invigoration they’re looking for in a familiar, great-tasting beverage — a zero-calorie diet cola.

“Diet Pepsi MAX will bring invigoration to the masses,” said Cie Nicholson, svp and chief marketing officer, Pepsi-Cola North America. “Adults have told us that they’re constantly looking for the right balance to get them through their day and Diet Pepsi MAX is uniquely formulated to give the mind and body a boost.”  Read more...

The Coca-Cola Santa Turns 75 Years Old

The Coca-Cola Santa Turns 75 Years OldLegendary illustrator Haddon Sundblom Created the Rosy-Cheeked Figure

This holiday season, birthday cake will replace cookies on Santa’s wish list. The modern-day image of Santa Claus — based on a painting commissioned by The Coca-Cola Company — turns 75 this year.  Read more...

Anniversary of an Icon: Coca-Cola Contour Bottle Celebrates 90 Years

Phil Mooney, director of Archives for The Coca-Cola Company, shows one of the two remaining original contour bottles and displays earlier prototypesPhil Mooney, director of Archives for The Coca-Cola Company, shows one of the two remaining original contour bottles and displays earlier prototypes

2006 marks the anniversary of a true icon. It was 90 years ago, in 1916, that the now famous Coca-Cola bottle began appearing on store shelves, having been patented on November 16 the year before. Called the Coca-Cola “contour” bottle, this unique package remains an instantly recognizable symbol that distinguishes the world’s best known soft drink from all other products.

Widely recognized as a pioneering example of package-driven branding, the contour bottle is one of the few packages to ever receive a trademark from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, helping to make Coca-Cola one of the most famous brands in the world today.  Read more...