Green Burrito Puts More Crunch Into Lunch (and Every Meal) with Arrival of Chicken Taquitos at Carl’s Jr.

Chicken Taquitos at Carl's Jr.

Chicken Taquitos at Carl’s Jr.

Crispy Mexican Favorite Rolls Into Dual-branded Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito Restaurants

Today snacking gets a little noisier – and a lot more delicious – thanks to the addition of crispy Chicken Taquitos to the Green Burrito menu at Carl’s Jr. The crunchy Mexican favorite features flavorful, charbroiled chicken rolled into a tortilla and fried crisp, topped with creamy avocado-cilantro sauce and shredded cheddar-jack cheese. Chicken Taquitos are available today at all dual-branded Carl’s Jr./Green Burrito restaurants.  Read more...

Wendy’s Bacon Portabella Melt Offers Craveable Tastes that Make You Melt

Bacon Portabella Melt

Bacon Portabella Melt

Just in time for cooler temps, Wendy’s new Bacon Portabella Melt cheeseburger has what it takes to make you melt!

Wendy’s latest offering is a savory hamburger with unexpected, superior ingredients that combine to make it Wendy’s most indulgent cheeseburger yet.  Read more...

Burger King Corporation Introduces The Hamlette Sandwich

Burger King Corporation Introduces The Hamlette SandwichNew Hamlette Sandwich Stars on Menu Featuring 10 Items Starting at $1 Each

To save or not to save is no longer a question, as Burger King restaurants introduce the BK Breakfast Value Menu nationwide on Feb. 19, starring the new Hamlette sandwich. The most important meal of the day becomes the most affordable, with 10 offerings starting at $1 each: Cheesy Tots, three-piece French Toast Sticks, Sausage Biscuit, small Hash Browns, Cini-minis, small BK JOE coffee in regular, decaf and turbo-strength, white or chocolate 10-ounce milk, 16-ounce soft drink, orange juice and the Hamlette sandwich.  Read more...

Wienerschnitzel Introduces Cheddar Sausage Melt

Wienerschnitzel Introduces Cheddar Sausage MeltWorld’s Largest Hot Dog Chain Unleashes New Sausage Dog With Hillshire Farm Cheddarwurst Sausage and Wisconsin Cheddar

Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, today announced the release of its Cheddar Sausage Melt. The new menu item is a mouthwatering combination of melted cheddar cheese, cheddar-filled smoked sausage, fire roasted peppers and onions all tucked inside a soft pretzel bun. Read more...

American Dairy Association Unveils Full-Size Car Made Entirely of Cheese

American Dairy Association Unveils Full-Size Car Made Entirely of Cheese“World’s Cheesiest Car” was carved from 3,500 pounds of yellow Cheddar cheese

The American Dairy Association (ADA) unveiled the first ever to-scale car made entirely out of cheese at Richmond International Raceway. The “World’s Cheesiest Car,” an authentic replica of Terry Labonte’s #5 Chevrolet, was carved from 3,500 pounds of yellow Cheddar cheese provided by Cabot Creamery. The carving is the first of its kind, weighing nearly 3,000 pounds and standing 5 feet tall, 12 feet long and 6 feet wide.  Read more...

Checkers/Rally’s New Loaded Fries Are Loaded With Flavor

Checkers/Rally's New Loaded Fries Are Loaded With FlavorBacon, Cheddar, Chili and Ranch-Topped Fries Deliver Bold Flavor, Casual Dining Quality at Double Drive-Thru Value

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc., the nation’s largest chain of double drive- thru restaurants, today announced a new limited time offer that’s loaded with flavor: Checkers/Rally’s Loaded Fries. These bacon, cheddar, chili and/or ranch-topped fries deliver a bold flavor with casual dining quality at Checkers/Rally’s double drive-thru value.

“Our seasoned fries are consistently ranked as some of the best in the business, and they’ve always been a guest favorite,” said Adam Noyes, Vice President of Development and Operations Services. “Our test results for Loaded Fries were phenomenal, and we’re excited to give our guests new ways to enjoy our fries by loading on the flavor, while we stay true to Checkers/Rally’s brand of high-quality products at a great value.”  Read more...