Hot Dog on a Stick Opens First Kiosk Stand in Westfield Fashion Square

Hot Dog on a Stick Opens First Kiosk Stand in Westfield Fashion Square

From Beach Stands & County Fairs to a Mall Near You: Hot Dog on a Stick Finds Fresh Ways to Deliver Fast, Quality All-American Food

Hot Dog on a Stick, the iconic California chain, has opened the company’s first kiosk stand in a mall at Westfield Fashion Square, Sherman Oaks, making the fun-loving, interactive dining experience and all-American hot dogs and cheese on a stick more accessible and convenient for guests in the San Fernando Valley.  Read more...

Hot Dog on a Stick Opens First Drive-Thru Location

Hot Dog on a Stick Opens First Drive-Thru LocationWest Jordan, Utah Store Features Easy Access, New Menu Options for On-The-Go Patrons

Hot Dog on a Stick, an American icon since 1946, just made life easier for its on-the-go patrons with the opening of the popular chain’s first drive-thru location in West Jordan, Utah. Guests can now pick up and enjoy fresh lemonade, yummy hot dogs cooked to golden perfection and other delicious bites on a stick – including breakfast – without stepping foot outside of their vehicle.  Read more...

Mini-Food Trend Reaches American Favorite, Johnny Rockets

Mini-Food Trend Reaches American Favorite, Johnny RocketsInternational All-American Restaurant Chain to Roll Out Sliders and Mini Hot Dogs

In its response to relevant eating habits and strong consumer demand, Johnny Rockets, home of the original hamburger, today announced the launch of new mini-food menu items.  Read more...

Ready, Set, Hot Dog!

New Oscar Mayer Fast Franks Speed Into SummerNew Oscar Mayer Fast Franks Speed Into Summer

It’s mouthwatering to imagine — a tasty, hot and juicy Oscar Mayer hot dog wrapped inside a soft and warm bakery-fresh bun. And now imagine only having to wait thirty-five seconds for that first delicious bite.

The great taste and convenience of hot dogs in a bun come together with Oscar Mayer Fast Franks. Each individually wrapped Oscar Mayer Fast Frank tastes great thanks to a specially designed microwavable paper tray that heats the bun just right — so it’s soft and warm right out of the microwave.  Read more...

Wienerschnitzel Introduces Cheddar Sausage Melt

Wienerschnitzel Introduces Cheddar Sausage MeltWorld’s Largest Hot Dog Chain Unleashes New Sausage Dog With Hillshire Farm Cheddarwurst Sausage and Wisconsin Cheddar

Wienerschnitzel, the world’s largest hot dog chain, today announced the release of its Cheddar Sausage Melt. The new menu item is a mouthwatering combination of melted cheddar cheese, cheddar-filled smoked sausage, fire roasted peppers and onions all tucked inside a soft pretzel bun. Read more...

65 Years on the Hot Dog Highways – and Still Hauling Buns

The WIENERMOBILE Rolls Across AmericaThe WIENERMOBILE Rolls Across America

Celebrate 65 years of Hotdogging history. This year marks the 65th anniversary of the Oscar Mayer WIENERMOBILE. Since it made its debut in 1936, the WIENERMOBILE has been a familiar sight on the hot dog highways of the United States, bringing family fun to millions.

“Over the years, the world famous WIENERMOBILE has undergone many changes, from the original 13-foot long hot dog, to today’s technologically advanced 27-foot vehicles. That tradition of traveling throughout the country continues today, bringing smiles to people of all ages,” said Jane Hilk, Oscar Mayer Sr. Business Director.

While most people think about retiring at age 65, the WIENERMOBILE is showing no signs of slowing down. Read more...

Woman Eats 26 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Woman Eats 26 Grilled Cheese SandwichesSonya Thomas, who is known as the ‘Black Widow’ on the competitive circuit, ate 26 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes

On February 1, 2006, a 100-pound woman ate 26 grilled cheese sandwiches in 10 minutes at a New York restaurant, winning the World Grilled Cheese Eating Championship. It was a close win. Her nearest competitor, Joey Chestnut, ate 25 1/2 sandwiches.

Sonya Thomas won $8,000 for the contest at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Times Square but said she was disappointed in her performance. “I could have done better,” she said, adding that she was aiming for 30 sandwiches.

Thomas, of Alexandria, Va., said she had to catch a train shortly after the contest to make her shift at a Burger King on Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, where she is a manager.  Read more...

Vienna Beef Makes World’s Longest Hot Dog: 16 Feet, 1 Inch

Vienna Beef Makes World's Longest Hot Dog: 16 Feet, 1 InchAmericans Will Consume Over 7 Billion Hot Dogs This Summer

To celebrate National Hot Dog Month and the Fourth of July, the Chicago-based Vienna Beef assembled the world’s longest hot dog, measuring 16 feet, 1 inch and topping the previous record of 15 feet, 3 inches recorded in Pennsylvania in 2001. The giant feat took place near Buckingham Fountain during the annual Taste of Chicago food festival.  Read more...